Copper Chief

Roots Country Rock'n'Roll


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"With their self-titled debut album already released, we jumped on the chance to learn more about Copper Chief and how the band from Austin, Texas came to be. “A little rock’n’roll, a little country, a little swamp, a little psychedelic, a little roots, a little blues, and a whole lot of chutzpah…” is how the band describes the new album and we agree it is everything that makes up the guys of Copper Chief and their unapologetic sound. Check out this tell-all from the group..."

Texas Red Dirt Roads - INSIDE LOOK

"Copper Chief has recently debuted their self titled project with the emphasis that this is only the beginning to what is shaping up to be a healthy career. Along with the album they have also chosen their first single... Here is a video interview that was done in the heart of Austin, TX on 6th street at San Jac Saloon that goes over the album and the single.

Aaron Lee Bentley, a producer for TXRDR also had the opportunity to do a Q/A with the band about their single Jericho and the self titled album."


ALBUM REVIEW - Carey Dean, 106.9 The Ranch